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Let’s talk postnatal depression

Ssshhhhh, we don’t talk about postnatal depression, or at least that’s what the world of motherhood would have you believe. Well stuff that, I suffered and maybe if there were more real-life mom blogs out there telling their truth I would have realised sooner. But there wasn’t and one of the reasons I started sharing […]

My postnatal depression story

I want to write this all down before it becomes a too distant memory. I think I’ve shared bits and pieces of my experience before but I felt it deserves its own post, so here goes. Firstly everyone’s experience with postnatal depression (PND) is different and unique. My story will be completely different to every […]

A feeling I can’t put my finger on

A feeling I can’t put my finger on. I wasn’t going to write anything today, but I’m sitting in bed (it’s 9:20pm) and I have a feeling that I can’t name; I can put my finger on exactly what it is. I know it feels uncomfortable and uneasy. It makes me feel a little scared […]

The hand break (and other things)

The hand break (and other things) Friday afternoon resulted in T and I going to visit Nats for wine around 4:30pm. I’d taken T’s dinner with us because then, for a change, I didn’t have to rush home for dinner time and it was lovely. At 6pm we headed home but N had a girlfriend […]

Postnatal depression stories

Severe postnatal depression without psychotic episodes

Severe postnatal depression without psychotic episodes. That was my diagnosis; see, there’s always a silver lining. I wasn’t having psychotic episodes! Yay!!! That diagnosis was given in February this year, 14 months after my son was born. Yup, that’s right, I left it undiagnosed and untreated for 14 whole months! How you ask, well, I […]