My favourite me time indulgences

As a mom we generally put ourselves last, but recently I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to dedicate time each day to ‘me time’. So in the interests of sharing is caring, here are my current favourite me time indulgences. This list includes things I am currently doing (in lockdown) as well as […]

My eating plan

I had quite a few DM’s asking me to share my eating plan. It’s too much for an Instagram grid post so here’s the details. Please note the following: This is based on the macros advised by my coach I am not a dietician I am aiming for progress not perfection This is not a […]

Lets workout

My body is taking strain

My body is taking strain. My back and abs are probably the weakest parts of my body. I’ve had 2 pregnancies & 2 caesarean sections in 3,5 years. I’m 40 in just 6 months time. I’m a geriatric mom. I need to get stronger, fitter. Not only for myself but to be able to keep […]

Our bodies should be honoured

When I started writing this post I had no idea what the title was going to be. There are so many options to express, in just a few words, what this post is about. Some of the titles I thought of were ‘pre-pregnancy vs pregnancy weight’, ‘why are we so hard on ourselves’ and ‘scale […]

Maternity active wear I love

It’s no secret that I’m pregnant, 22 weeks to be exact (at time of writing this post), and something I have struggled to find both with this pregnancy and my first, is good, cost effective maternity wear for both active and leisure purposes. So you can imagine my excitement when I found Fit Mama on […]


The other day I posted a few pictures on my Instastories about my hands and how I’m suffering really badly at the moment with eczema. I had such an overwhelming response from you all offering advise & recommendations on what you use that I thought it would be a great idea to share all the […]

My Gingerlily Beauty Spa & Nail Boutique experience

No no no, calm right down! I’m not becoming a beauty blogger (we all saw how my before & after Instagram post tanked) but going to a spa is something I love and something I generally do quite often. Usually I just get my nails & toes done but I also love facials & massages […]


Today marks the end of day 2 of my weighless journey. I decided, after chatting to a friend, that Weighless sounded like a good option to help me lose some of this weight. In my last post about my ah-ha moment, I spoke about (finally) understanding that, in order for things to change I had […]

My ah-ha moment

Tristan is not well at the moment – he’s been vomiting since Sunday afternoon, his body is hot to the touch but no temp and has a cough which makes him vomit more! So for the last 2 nights I’ve been awake a lot and last night while lying here around 3am I had my […]

My mum tum

My mom bod is not what I dreamed & hoped it would be. Every day on social media & in life I am faced with 3 main types of mums. Those that naturally bounced back to their former shape & size, those that have worked really hard to get back their pre-baby bodies (and sometimes […]