How to parent a threenager part 2

I really didn’t foresee myself writing another post about this topic; how to parent a threenager! This morning was probably one of the worst Tristan and I have had since the curse of the threenager hit us. I actually sat and filmed 3 video’s about it in my car after dropping him off at school […]

Drinking water, eating right and poohing

Some of the other struggles I’m currently having with our threenager is drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet and poohing. In December we saw our paed (the amazing Dr Ashley Wewege) and I mentioned that Tristan sometimes complains of a sore tummy but then a little later it goes away. He asked me about […]

How to parent a threenager

If you thought you’d be reading a blog containing the holy grail of parenting techniques for a threenager I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. Or will you?Parenting a threenager is the same as anything else with parenting; no one has the right or wrong answer. It’s all based on our personal experience and our […]

No more nappies!

Last night we decided to give Tristan the opportunity to try and sleep without a nappy, and he rocked it! When he started at school this year, being the youngest in his class by a few months, he was still wearing nappies all the time. As many of the other children in his class started […]

Toddler behaviour

I’m really not sure how to start this, but Tristan has been getting more and more stubborn as the days & weeks pass us by. Maybe it’s him just trying to express his need to make decisions himself, or it’s a battle of our wills, but whatever it is it’s starting to drive my dilly! Toddler […]


When we bought Tristan home from the hospital he spent the first few nights, in a moses basket, next to my bed. Pretty quickly we realised newborns make a LOT of noise when they sleep and my husband was struggling to sleep through that and me constantly getting up to feed, burp, change nappy so […]

Separation anxiety

Today when I dropped Tristan off at the gym creche so I could do my workout, he had a complete meltdown and I (eventually) went to do my workout but felt really saddened by his reaction to my leaving. This is our separation anxiety story. Tristan is coming to the end of a 3 week […]

Help! My toddler sucks at independent play!

Something I’ve been grappling with for some time is Tristan’s inability to play alone when he’s at home with me. At school I’m told he plays well alone and with others so it’s not as if he can’t. But when we are at home and I need to get things done, whether that be cooking, […]

Tomorrow my baby turns 2!

Tomorrow our baby turns 2. Wow, what a year it’s been. I’m lying in bed thinking of all the wonderful things we’ve done together, all the new experiences we’ve had together, all that we’ve overcome together and all that we’ve learnt together. In February I had meningitis and wasn’t allowed to see Tristan. That was […]