The only way out is through

“The only way out is through”! This is what my friend Amy told me when I asked her how she stayed sane through her complete home rebuild. And you know what, she’s 110% right; you can’t back out once you’ve started and when it (finally) starts coming together you start to see the light at […]

Pregnancy anxiety & depression

Today marks 23 weeks pregnant. Baby Shark is around 30cm and about 500g; at the fetal scan about 2 weeks ago he was measuring on target so all is well. If you’ve been following my Instagram profile you’ll know that last week Tuesday (5 Feb 2019) we started some home renovations namely redo 2 out […]

Maternity active wear I love

It’s no secret that I’m pregnant, 22 weeks to be exact (at time of writing this post), and something I have struggled to find both with this pregnancy and my first, is good, cost effective maternity wear for both active and leisure purposes. So you can imagine my excitement when I found Fit Mama on […]

We have news

ALERT: THIS POST HAS BEEN WRITTEN OVER A SERIES OF WEEKS. THIS STATEMENT WILL MAKE MORE SENSE ONCE YOU’VE FINISHED READING I started this blog post, in my head, on Friday 5 October whilst lying in bed, unable to sleep. There’s so much to tell and I’ve no idea where to start. But I think […]

My first miscarriage

Today, at around 3:30pm, I miscarried. Am I sad? Not really to be honest. I trust my body to do what is right. I was worried about all the meds I took last weekend with the meningitis-like virus I had. I was also worried about my hcg levels being so low. I guess I knew […]