Fat mom slim series: Lauren McKay Kelaris

Fat mom slim series Lauren McKay Kelaris Hey all, I’m Lauren McKay Kelaris. I’m the ripe, young age of 40. Boy, it’s an age I dreaded turning by hearing from other women, but I beg to differ. It’s what you make of it!!! I was always told your metabolism slows down at 40. Well in […]

Meet Amber

Fat mom slim series: Amber Wolchuk

Fat mom slim series Amber Wolchuk Hello everyone my name is Amber, I am 29yrs old and a mom to 2 amazingly crazy beautiful kids. Throughout my life, even as a kid I have struggled with my weight and have been on every diet I can possibly think of, but I seem to have found […]

Tish & Lily

Fat mom slim series: Letitia Bosman

Fat mom slim series Letitia Bosman My name is Letitia Bosman (Murphy), recently married to my “baby daddy” 😉 I am turning 35 this year and I feel as though I’m still living in my early 20’s. I am an extremely blessed Mommy to my beautiful little 4 year old girl, Lily! Lily and her […]

Genevieve Stander Jan 2016

Fat mom slim series: Genevieve Stander

Fat mom slim series Genevieve Stander Hey everyone, I’m Genevieve, and I’m a now 34 year old mom of 3 little rats, I mean loves of my life! My eldest Morgan-Lee is 10, and my twins Alex and Maddie turned 5 in February. Life has certainly been interesting these past few years! I’ve always had […]

Kelly Taylor fat mom slim

Fat mom slim series: Kelly Taylor

Fat mom slim series Kelly Taylor I am 47 years old, I like that I am 47!  You always hear that it so hard to lose weight in your 40’s and beyond and while it is difficult it is not impossible! I am a suburban mom, with a crazy busy life (as most moms are!). I […]