Grayson’s birth story

On Friday, 5 June 2020, Grayson will turn 1 years old. How? I mean I know how, but how did the last 365 days fly by so fast? I have loved every minute of this journey with him; some days & nights have been rough but I would do it all again! That’s not the […]

Finding balance as a family of 4

We are slowly finding our balance as a family of 4. What worked before now has to be changed to suit Grayson. Time has to be split between the 2 boys because they require different things from us. Our time as a couple is reduced even more than before as Grayson is still so small. […]

My anxieties

I decided not to take the clomid again. I’m waiting for an appointment confirmation with my psychologist. My mental health & wellbeing is more important and this whole situation is driving me dilly. But I’ve got real concerns about having a second baby and it appears I’m not alone. I did some googling last night […]

Family life, right here right now

Shaun works incredibly hard & very long hours. What exactly do I mean by long hours? He starts working (he works from home) any time between 9am & 10am and stops working any time between 2am & 4am, no jokes! And, he works most of the weekend. So yes, I do a lot of solo […]

Father’s Day 2018

Sunday 17 June marks Father’s Day 2018 and that has got me thinking about fathers; specifically mine and Tristan’s. My dad was a typical dad I guess, he worked so my mom could stay home and raise my brother and I. He provided for us in every way – we had a wonderful home, happily […]

Tristan’s birth story

Tristan’s birth story. I think it’s important to capture this because I was very fortunate to have had such a good, actually great, experience when Tristan was born. My wonderful gynae had mentally prepped me very well for what would happen that day. He talked me through everything, ever last detail and timing and it […]

Can you spend too much time with your child?

Can you spend too much time with your child? I’m a stay at home mum who has a small travel business. I spend a LOT of time with my son (who’s almost 2,5 years old) when he’s not at school. He goes to school 5 days a week and stays there until around 3/4pm 4 […]

Bangkok, what a whirlwind of emotions

So on Friday 27th April hubby and I jetted off to Bangkok (see previous post here) for 6 nights. Saying goodbye to Monkey was SO traumatic. I sobbed, he sobbed, my mom had to pry him off me; it was horrid. Maybe that should have been the first (ok second) sign that leaving him was […]

August; you’re it!

Saw my gynae today and we spoke about when Tristan’s going to get a sibling and I said that I want to fall pregnant in August. Now I know that falling pregnant can’t be planned so perfectly but that’s my ideal and I am going to do what I can achieve that. As I don’t […]


No idea why but today I’m feeling really nostalgic about Tristan’s first few months. The definition of nostalgic / nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past”. I also feel quite a lot of pity for the girl I was back then; I was seriously struggling with undiagnosed postnatal […]

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