About me

Hi, my name is Jenni. I started this blog in 2013, but never published it. To me it was personal; it was my life story, told by me. It was the ups and downs of everything that came my way. Sometimes it was ugly, sometimes it was beautiful, but it was always honest. It was called ‘what life has in store for me’ and I really enjoyed capturing my life in words as one day I won’t be here to tell my children what my life was like. And let’s be honest, we don’t care about what happened in our parents’ lives much until we have children of our own. Well that’s my opinion at least.

This is my honest, raw and real life account of my life as a suburban Cape Town mom. Either you’ll like it or you’ll hate it but frankly I don’t care what you think as it’s my life not yours. I generally say things as they are, no sugar-coating which has been known to rub some peeps up the wrong way. 🙂

You will notice 2 specific threads that run through my blog namely weight loss & postnatal depression. I made my blog public because I suffered severe, undiagnosed for 14 months PND and am passionate about breaking the silence around the disease. Weight loss is something I’ve been battling my whole life; I was 5,2kgs when born and I’ve never been the skinny kid. I have always been active but I love food, all food, I don’t discriminate. I also love wine, champagne & the odd shooter, so watching my weight is a lifetime commitment. I share the ups & downs, recipes and thoughts.

I love to bake, I also love to lick the bowl. But once freshly baked goods are in my house they must be eaten! A lovely cup of rooibos and a slice of cake and I’m in heaven!

The basics? March 2014 I married my best friend & soulmate, December 2015 Tristan was born followed by Grayson in June 2019. I am an open book; ask me anything. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Much love xxx